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Director's Message

Working from grassroot levels, we strive towards spreading awareness among the vulnerable communities of the society about constitutional values and their rights including the rights of children and women. One of our main objectives is to eradicate unemployment by imparting skill to the youths. It has continuously been our major effort to educate the Guardians/Parents and Students from underprivileged & poor sections of the society against school-dropout and thereby saving them from falling prey to crimes such as child trafficking, child labour and child marriage. Our organization has always stood in support of children for their becoming better citizens of the developing world.

Talking about Skill Development - we are aware that it is the process of identifying and addressing the skill gaps as well as developing the integral ability to execute plans with success in the specific area. It increases personal growth, knowledge and understanding, career development opportunity and employment opportunities. In this regard, we are working towards educational program for the weaker sections of society, awareness program for dropout students in the primary section and skill development program for the youths and the elderly.

We all have the responsibility for welfare of the needy & deprived. We believe in working together for providing them good education, good health and proper skills for their livelihood. As per RTE 2009, all of us should pledge that not a single child of age 6 years and above should be deprived from going to school. It is their right .We also have the responsibility to spread awareness among the parents and we are doing so. In this aspect our duty becomes more prominent in the rural sector.

Thus we believe in promoting the unprivileged and our vision is to build a society  that  is  more  equitable, where everybody will have equal opportunity to live with dignity. Let us work together for changing the lives who need to be empowered.


My Best Wishes

Organization Profile

Aakanksha Utprerak Samajik Sanstha laid its foundation stone in the year 2011 under Section 21 of the Societies Registration Act 1860. The like-minded and committed members of the association took a vow to skill youths, provide them employable opportunity, child right, Health and Nutrition, Environmental Conservation, Human Rights, Sanitation and Hygiene, Humanitarian Relief, Care for elderly people, Digital literacy and social justice.
AUSS focuses on capacity building of youths and women. Since the communities of scheduled tribes have no access to the human resource development and access to the resources, the dedicated Social Works committed to the cause initiated integrated development of the women and children of these marginalized sectors of communities.

Aakanksha Utprerak Samajik Sanstha is a Dhanbad, Jharkhand based NGO working towards overall Social Empowerment & Training towards various aspects in order to enable an individual to attain a self-sustaining livelihood.

AUSS follows unique, innovative and effective teaching methods and techniques with a focus to create winners in academic, personal and professional life. The goal is to make the person employable and winner, keeping the modern challenges and skills in mind.

Vision & Mission

Vision : To serve the society and the nation by imparting education and eradicating unemployment and poverty.
Mission : To encourage sustainable human development with self-esteem, skilling the youths and to enhance happiness and healthy social order.


The broad Objectives of Aakanksha Utprerak Samajik Sanstha are as follows :

1. Our aim is to upliftment of basic education, health and nutrition standard and identification of living condition and intervention strategies for improving the quality Of life of the underprivileged groups and slums.
2. To promote all types of activities for the weaker section of the society and work for the overall development of the rural and urban people.
3. To create indigenous voluntary associations to contribute towards the highest level of social and economic development services within the framework of society as well as national policies.

Our Strengths

Core values are our strengths -

1. Integrity :- We are bound by trust and honesty in the way we perform our duty.
2. Trust :- We believe and confidence in the goodwill and ability to achieve our aspirations as a network.
3. Mutual Support :- We value interdependence in our pursuit of our aspirations.
4. Listening :- We strive for mutual respect for alternative and diverse views to create win-win situation for everyone.
5. Tolerance :- We are open minded in our analysis of actions.
6. Learning :- We continuously expand our capacity to create desired results.
7.Gender Equality :- We focus on “bottom-up development” as opposed to the predominantly growth-centered development approach pursued by agencies.


Skill Development : Our Understanding & Achievements

In his famous book – “Wealth of Words”, the famous Indian author, Amit Kalantri has said - “Schooling doesn't assure employment but skill does.” It is indeed very true. Though schooling may impart education, it cannot guarantee employment to an individual until he has the proper skill-set for the requisite job. While an individual with no formal qualification, but with proper skill set can easily earn a livelihood. It’s a well known truth that many reputed companies chase skill-set along with the necessary degrees while hiring the suitable candidates.

We feel that the real gamechanger is skilling the youth having minimum/basic education. When we skill this section of the youth, we ensure one leap forward towards eliminating unemployment.

The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth. – Narendra Modi
Accordingly, we aim to create competent individuals with definite skill set who can earn a livelihood on their own.


“STAR” Trained 250 candidates (Job Role - Retail Management)
“NDLM” Trained & Certified more than 18000 candidates.
“PMGDISHA” Trained & Certified more than 25000 candidates.
“TSSC” Trained more than 120 candidates (Job Role – CCE Call Centre)
“PMKVY 1.0” Trained around 80 candidates (Job Role – Retail & Telecom)
“PMKVY 2.0” Trained around 1560 candidates (Job Role – Agriculture, IT-ITES,TSSC,LSC)
“CSR” Trained around 300 candidates (Financial Inclusion program by NSE & Axis Bank)
“Yoga Training” Trained around 3000 candidates in one month program.

Achievements : Projects Undertaken & Executed

2013-14 : Undertook “STAR” (Standard Training Assessment & Rewards)
2015 onwards : NDLM (National Digital Literacy Mission)
2017 onwards : PMGDISHA (Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan)
2015 onwards : TSSC (Telecom Sector Skill Council)
2015 Onwards : PMKVY 1 & PMKVY 2
2016 : Financial Inclusion Program (CSR by National Stock Exchange &Axis Bank)
2018 : Yoga Training Initiative (Project by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India)


1. Organization has been awarded LEADERSHIP AWARD 2018 BY Education and Skill India Summit 2018 on 21st July 2018 at New Delhi.

2. AUSS was awarded All India NGO Samman (National Samman 2019) by AINA on 28th May 2019 at Varanasi.


Updated Governing Body/ Managing Committee/ Members

Aakanksha Utprerak Samajik Sanstha Dhanbad, Jharkhand

S.No Name Post Address
1 Namita Singh Chairman Co-CEO Nawagarh Dhanbad
2 Krishna Kumar Agarwal Secretary Katras Dhanbad
3 Kavita Devi Treasurer Sidhpoki Dhanbad
4 Neha Nikhilesh Singh Member Biharsharif,Nalanda
5 Hema Shree Member Jamshedpur
6 Vibha Devi Member Ganeshpur Dhanbad
7 Hari Kishan Mishra Member cum project head (PMGDISHA) Bansjorha, dhanbad
8 Yogendra Kumar Singh Agriculture and Environment Program Head Sindri, Dhanbad
9 Veer Jawahar Director (Administration & Technical) Kendua,Dhanbad
10 Tapas Paul Director Placement & Awareness campaign Maheshpur Dhanbad
11 Dilip Kumar Upadhyay Director Law & Environment Awareness Program Ara,Bihar
12 Dinesh Pandey Conservation of Environment awareness program head Madhupur, Deoghar
13 Arvind Singh Bio waste Management & Agriculture awareness program head Pokhrerha, Tairya, Chhapra(Saran)
14 Anil Kumar Singh CSR Head &Voluntarily director(Advisory Board) Nawagarh Dhanbad
15 Digambar Kumar Environment awareness program head Baroun, Kawakol, Nawada
16 Santosh Kumar Marketing Head Anishabad, Patna
17 Rajesh Kumar pandey Agricuture and Environment Awareness Program Associate Dugda, Bokaro
18 Ram Bilash Sharma Agribusiness and Trade expert Dhanbad
19 Prem Prakash Ujjain Administrative officer Bankipore Patna,